Studio Teknè provides cinema services in Pre-Production with 3D Layout, Pre-visualization, Shots and Sequences Creation, Visual Development, Character Animation and Mo.Cap. Editing. Thanks to a strong experience matured in those fields, we can deal with several different assignments, such as direction,  direction assistant, concept development for I.P.and pre-production in the whole film-making sphere related to CGI. The project’ s aim is to combine Cinema Art with Cinema Technique, setting up a new quality standard which can be competitive on both national and international markets. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please just let us know. Our professionalism, contacts and care will be at your complete disposal. Contacts: giuliano@studio-tekne.com


Giuliano Fontanelli Generic Demoreel 2017

Giuliano Fontanelli Cinematics  Demoreel 2017

Giuliano Fontanelli Animation  Demoreel 2017

Giuliano Fontanelli_Games&Cinematics_Demoreel 2014

Giuliano Fontanelli Layout Demoreel 2010

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