Giuliano Fontanelli

3D Layout Artist and Character Animator

112 Caldy Road, SK9 3BS, Handforth, UK


mobile no.: +44 7473255078



Key Attributes

  • Intensive knowledge in the scene layout, camera movements and use of body gesture and form (thanks even to my previous professional experiences).
  • Great passion for storytelling, preproduction, start-up and direction in movie sequences.
  • Teamwork: only with sharing passion and knowledge is possible to do something great.
  • Keen to learn: I’m forever looking for ways to improve my skills in all areas of creativity and storytelling.
  • Experience in working for international team environment and as a freelancer.
  • Creativity and Self-motivation: I like to be deeply involved in the project as a whole, not only about animation but helping other departments with my experience and ideas.
  • Punctual:As a professional I know the meaning of deadline and I always work for that.

Notable Projects (from IMDB site)

  •  2016: LEGO Dimension- Fantastic Beasts (Story Pack)

       2016:LEGO Dimension- Sonic (Story Pack)

       2016:LEGO Dimension- Ghostbusters (Story pack)

       2016:LEGO Star Wars- The Force Awakens

       2016:LEGO Marvel -Avengers

       2015:LEGO Dimension- Portal (Expansion Level Pack)

       2015: LEGO Dimension


  • Sep 2014 – Present: Previsualization and Camera Sequences development for in-game Cinematics, TT Games Ltd, Wilmslow , Cheshire, UK.


  • April 2010 – August 2014: 3D Mocap and Key Animator, Crytek Hungary, Budapest.
  • January – March 2010: Freelance 3D Layout Artist and Preproduction Consultant for LCD, Florence, Italy, for a TV series made by Adriano Celentano and Milo Manara.
  • July – December 2009: Freelance 3D Layout Artist at Rainbow CGI for the project “Gladiators of Rome”.
  • September 2008 – April 2009: Freelance Game Developer in 3D Character Animation for Xplored Ltd., Rapallo, Italy.
  • February – April 2008: 3D Character Animator at Toposodo Ltd for the TV series “La Banda Volante”, Pisa, Italy.
  • August 2007 – February 2008: 3D Character Animator at Rainbow CGI, working as tester for new productions’ start-up “Rome (Gladiators of..)”, Rome, Italy.
  • February – August 2007: 3D Layout Artist 3D for the feature cartoon “WinX Club The Movie: The Secret of the lost Kingdom”,at Rainbow CGI, Rome, Italy.
  • September 2006 – February 2007: Final Layout responsible at Lumiq Studios for the 3D feature cartoon “Donkey Xote”.
  • July 2004 – September 2006: Character Animator at Lumiq Studios for the 3D feature cartoon “Donkey Xote” in co-production with Filmax, Turin, Italy.
  • September 2004: realization of a video installation together with Donato Sansone, introducing the RAI production “50 anni della Televisione Italiana” (50 years of Italian television) in collaboration with the association “TempoReale” of Florence, Italy.
  • May 2004: Steadicam assistant in tv series and advertisement for Carlo Ghioni (international cameraman).
  • February 2004: Animator for the short film “Il giorno in cui niente successe” directed by Ramon Alonso Sanchez for the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
  • November 2003: Sound Operator for the short film “L’ospite d’onore” directed by Marco Marchetti for SKY TV on the occasion of Torino Film Festival.
  • September 2003: Grip for the short film “Troppo Caldo per Birillo” directed by Duccio Chiarini.


  • 2001- 2005: Diploma in Animation Cinema, obtained at “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” (National School of Cinema)
  • 1989-1994: Dental Technician Diploma, obtained at “Leonardo Da Vinci Institute”. Mark: 46/60.

Courses and Workshops

  • October 2013: Workshop  on  “Concept Art in Vehicles” with Mr. Scott Robertson, Crytek, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • December 2007: Workshop on “Acting in Animation” with Mr. Robert W. Bennett, Rome, Italy.
  • September 2003: Workshop on Traditional Animation at STUDIO4 with the supervision of Italo Marazzi in Florence, Italy.
  • August 2003: workshop on   “Puppets and Skeletons:development and construction for StopMotion ” with Michele Guaschino in Turin, Italy.
  • June 2002: workshop  “StopMotion in Animation” with Mr. Barry J. Purves in Turin, Italy.
  • September 2001: workshop on pre-production for Traditional Animation at Studio Arcadia, in Florence, Italy.

. Before becoming an Animator I worked for many years as Tooth Technician learning how to work with Resins, Wax, Clay and Metal Fusion and Metal Welding. I learned even all the rules about the Aesthetic Beauty and the Bio-mechanical Balance of the mouth and the face in Humans and Animals. This permitted to introduce myself as Mentor and Teacher for Facial and Dental morphology and modelling in every place where I worked, helping the development of any kind of Character.

Computer Skills

  • Character Animation Tools: Maya, Xsi Softimage, Motion Builder,3DSMax, Toonz, Flash Mx.
  • Animation, Rigging and Modelling Tools: Maya.
  • Editing Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Softimage, Maya,Soundforge,• Modelling Tools: ZBrush (basic level),Sculptris

Foreign Languages• Italian• English

Interests• Experimental and 3D Animation, 3D Layout, Cinema and pre-production, Storyboarding, Illustration, Direction.

Hobbies• Drawing, Painting, Cinema, Comics, Traveling, Sports (martial arts, free climbing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, skiing, riding motorbike), Music, Biology, Biomechanics.


  • Available upon request or on LinkedIn: