The Control of the Fire

Often  Cinema of Entertainment, but also the Show in general, is a show-list of explosions and catastrophes, apparently without a proper reason, but they are essential elements of the success of a film.

Why is this happening?

Simple: because Human kind is  attracted to Destruction!

For millennia, since they were mere animals, Human Beings had been attracted,  when he was not overwhelmed, to the incomparable power of Nature. The Fear and Terror created by the destructive force of Nature,  opposed to the need to not being able to leave the territory where he was living,  always brought the Man to understand how he could handle the survival problems with rudimentary tools (such as the smartest chimpanzee ..) and remaining at the level of any other primate.

That is, until the discovery of the way to Control the Fire.

Fire creates MODERN MAN.

And the technology, which through the Fire, allows him to process any material and to create any instrument, for living, hunting, or killing.

The Fire, often as a result of an explosion or combustion of a natural or artificial, it becomes the Symbol of the power of “Giving or Receiving of Death”, more than any other bladed or heavy weapon, animal,tool. A sample:the Nuclear Bomb. The most unbelievable way to show the use of the Fire.

Explosions, flames, and even rumble of the engine, ancestrally recall the adrenalin feeling of Fear and Terror that once  shook our souls, when we where watching the Lighting,the Thunder, the Rain and the Wind, the Earthquake, the Rumbling of animals that are escaping from a big Fire.

But  controlling instruments that are highly explosive and noisy and even simply watching them on a screen, inert and somehow distant, sounds and images of Destruction, gives us pleasure, feelings of Control and Superiority.

It creates the show, which hypnotizes an entire species .. in front of the Fire.

And so, just as small insects that go into the light of a bulb, the Man is fascinated by fireworks, explosions, the sounds of a Concert (especially modern music), the rumble of the engines, accidents, flare-ups, the crash or the roar of a fire-arms, not least,  the Modern War until is noisy and full of flare-ups.

Cinema needs the Fire and its soundtrack.

Storytelling needs to show the Power of the Fire and to put It under the control of the Narration.

Watching it,hearing it, distantly,without real danger, we calm down,somehow.

But I wonder if we learn the lesson that..Fire burns. For real.

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  1. FPS says:

    Igniting universal and uncontrollable forces…
    Fire, art, etc…

    I guess this would define human nature for me.
    Nice article! Very thorough!!!

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