What is a Monster?

A Monster sample

In a storytelling, the Monster attracts the audience because it represents the unknown that generates fear.
Through its visual representation, we satisfy a part of our human insecurity towards life’ s difficulties. The representation of our fears relieves, in some ways, our conscience and makes us feel powerful, different from the Monster and able to tame our fears. That’ s why the Good must always win the Evil.

A Monster is anything that is not human.

A Monster cannot be humanized because it represents the opposite of humanity.

As soon as a Monster takes human characteristics, such as feeling emotions, it is accepted by the audience in spite of its aesthetic diversity. Think of Frankenstein, Beauty and the Beast and all those monsters who proved to have such characteristics.

On the contrary, it is not necessary being inhuman to become a ” Monster” because everyone can be a monster, with a dark crazy side, a secret hidden to de world.

Monsters like Alien, the Thing, Hannibal Lecter, Mr.Hyde and many others, are very effective just because of their unpredictability and, even more than their appearance, the evocation of the fear they bring with themselves, on a physiognomic level. This is clearly told by Hitchcock in Psycho .

Everything that has an unpredictable behavior might become a Monster.

For this reason, the most dangerous Monster was, is and always will be the invisible and intangible one.

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