The IronMan

Since I was little Iron-man for me is a flying Man-body hidden with a neutral Facial Mask , Red overpowering Gloves ,  completely covered by liquid  red and gold metal that protect himself.

For me Mr. Stark is not inside something like a mechanical puppet: he is the Ironman!

..that is a living technological liquid metallic Entity. Stark is only the human side of this.

Stark is not coming from the Past wearing a modern medieval iron suite, but he is the Future, matching a Living Body to the Metal with the help of the Energy, creating the ideal symbiosis. Is the Energy the real power of Ironman. Something discovered with the Human Research. Something  hidden inside only in the body of Mr. Stark, above the heart. A human heart.

Stark is creative inventor first of all, able to match completely the Science Knowledge to the best technology. He was a “normal” creator of weapons then he discovered how to manage a form of Energy so powerful that he decides to be the only one authorized to handle it, changing completely his mission on the Earth. A form of Energy that everybody want but only one, the BEST, can manage.This is the Ironman.

The opposite of this idea is the Hulk.. that represent the inner secret, incredible, unstoppable, strength of the Nature in the Man.

That’s why my Ironman has  a Neutral Mask on the face,with a little air intake . He’s like the Human Technology…he’s not bad, he’s not good.. he’s not the Dragon face (like in the movie, that for me is so cheap and far to be the right as concept)..he’s a tool for Humanity. Stark is the soul of this tool. Mr. Stark is the smart side of this Humanity..the one who is thinking.

And from this kind of problems will start the Drama for “who will be the next one to give this instrument”?? Who will be the right one after Mr.Stark??

And this is what I developed on my mind.

Something.. closer to the Moebius concept.

Like this..

After some tests I started to create a 3D concept model.

Those are the results.

The model has still to be retopologized.

As you can see, I tried to develop the character like the old real concept as a man covered by a metal suite that allows him to do any kind of movement without limitation.

Particular attention was in the Mask that has to be Human but at the same time a Robot.

No more the “dragon Concept”of the old mask used in the movies, that personally i found a little “out of theme”. My Mask vision has to show the character soul. It must show a technological result of the Science development. Apparently without a soul. But playing with the “neutral mask rules” is possible to create different somatic expression to the character.  The look reminds the first Ironman (a tin robot faced man), the neutral expressiveness from the Moebius character, a little (maybe) the Japanese version of the Ironman mask ( Ultraman, ecc.). The Helmet is one of the few parts of the suite that has a “rigid and sharpen shape” because is the core (with the Energy generator) of the entire system. The mouth for me must be a real aerodynamic air intake system that allows breathing in any kind of condition,especially at hyper speed .. Forearms and forelegs contain other important part of the system,mainly to move in the air or in the water, but the rest of the suite is a kind of “dynamic liquid metal film”that cover the body becoming rigid,or creating  spoilers or different shape (spine or hooks) if there is the need.

From hands,forearms and under the feet there is the mainly possibility to shot out the energy from the generator,creating even propulsion (like the original character),but if there is the need any part of the suite can be a conductor or can spread out that Energy.

There are no needs of propellers, missiles, or any kind of funny gadget coming form the second war world. The new Tony Stark is beyond this type of mentality (creating the Peace bombing??.. figthing the Ufo’s with the old Winchester or a Shotgun???? No thanks, we are the Future!),and after some mistakes at the beginning, he understood that managing and using properly the almost infinite property of his energy generator can be the proper and the ultimate weapon.This can be even a funny way to discover and show the potentiality (but even the limits)of the suit itself from the Hero,maybe,during the narrative evolution. (Like the young Spyderman)






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